FORWORD exists to forward God’s word through people becoming God’s living word in their worlds.

Since the best way for God to communicate with us was for his word to become flesh, the desired outcome of FORWORD’s mission is for our flesh to become Word.  We strive to help the Church of Jesus Christ to become the embodiment of his truth.

Old Testament
FORWORD helps the church fulfill its calling to make all people into disciples of Jesus Christ. Making disciples is about helping people listen to God. The act of listening is based on the prior act of hearing from God, and hearing from God hinges on someone venturing to speak for him.  Biblical transformation always begins with someone daring to take God at his word.
It is our conviction that what we do with God’s word defines our relationship with God and determines our relationships with people.

We believe God has called us to equip Christians to communicate the word of God with their whole being, and to train them to help others become Christ’s living word in their communities.