Akademia Homiletyczna (Academy of Homiletics)

The mission of FORWORD started in a local church on Vancouver Island, in Canada.  The Living Prophets’ Society, a school of biblical communication for men and women of Cobble Hill Christian Church, morphed into the Biblical Preaching Society, which has now been renamed FORWORD.  The first global project of the mission was to offer its program in Poland.  Following God’s leading, we founded Akademia Homiletyczna, the Academy of Homiletics.

In Poland, our program came to life on the foundation of the work of Langham Partnership International, a John Stott Ministry.  A three year program of preaching conferences facilitated by Langham surfaced the homiletic leaders within the country.  At the end of the third year, a group of Polish speaking teachers and preachers created the Polish branch of FORWORD.

Old Testament
A couple of godly Polish businessmen, Zbigniew i Jarek Cieśielscy, moved by the hand of God, offered the freshly formed Akademia Homiletyczna a home in a renovated complex in the city of Radom.  In the meantime, the Polish leadership of the Academy approached Alians Ewangeliczny, Evangelical Alliance, a consortium of evangelical denominations within the country, for its approval of our plans to help Polish church leaders reframe their lives and ministry on the foundation of God’s Word alone.  The leaders of Akademia Homiletyczna also approached the three evangelical seminaries in the country asking for their endorsement and cooperation.  With the support and blessing of the evangelical community, Akademia Homiletyczna commenced in Radom in 2005 with a group of 24 students.

After the initial three years, we changed the program to a two-year, tri-annual format.  We also enlarged our Polish leadership team.  At the end of the third year, we were invited to make our home in Zakościele, a Proem Foundation’s camp and conference centre just outside of Warsaw.  Here we have offered the program.

To date three cohorts of students have graduated from the program.

Our work together has allowed us to forge a team of outstanding Polish faculty.

The past seven years have allowed us to see the life-transforming, paradigm-changing impact of the program.  We have seen lives transformed by the power of God’s word.  We have seen the impact of our graduates on their local churches.  God’s transforming power, which comes through His word, has inspired us to continue to reach new areas of Poland in our quest to build Christ’s church on the sole foundation of God’s word.