The focus of our partnerships is to create deep, comprehensive and lasting relationships focused on lifelong Christian education encompassing individuals, families and church communities throughout the world.

Educational Teamsí Partnerships

Pastors in Churches

It is evident that local church pastors and teachers are often the best resource for Godís global mission of making disciples. In forming our international educational teams, we are pursuing men and women of God with sound theological and homiletic education who are passionate about helping Christian communities rebuild on the foundation of Godís word. We think that the best way to enlarge Godís Kingdom and to expand the vision of the local church is for pastors or leaders to participate in the vision of FORWORD. On the one hand, participation in the work of FORWORD allows the pastor to be refreshed by contact with men and women of God in other parts of the world. The benefits are mutual. We learn from each other in a practical educational context. On the other hand, the local church is renewed by the pastorís experiences and his exposure to a world beyond the local context. What we do in our program permeates and transforms the lives of our faculty, participants, and church communities.

This, of course, does not mean that the pastor has to leave his local church ministry to engage in the work of FORWORD. What is required is for the church community to set the pastor free for a total of 3-4 weeks a year to participate in the ongoing work of our mission. We also count on the local churchís financial support of the pastor in the ministry at large.

If you are a pastor or a church leader who fits the above criteria, you may want to consider being a part of this life-transforming vision. If you are a church looking to enlarge its vision and mission in the world, FORWORD may be the best forum for your participation. .

Bi-Lingual Leaders

We are not only looking for Christian educators who are able to teach in English. We also seek bilingual pastors and church leaders to communicate in their native language. The ability to speak a native language comes with a sense of identity and an insight into the hearts and minds of the native people. The bilingual team members serve as catalysts in the formation of national teams and provide encouragement and support in the development of native-speaking programs. You do not need to teach in order to help the educational program in your home country.

We are looking for bilingual men and women willing to commit to a national team in order to help establish a national program where Godís people can be equipped to speak for God in their own culture, in their own language, to their own people.

National Teams

FORWORD aspires to serve national churches by helping native-speaking leaders and educators to create national Christian Communication Projects. We seek to partner with men and women who have had the privilege of sound theological and homiletic education who share our burden for helping native people multiply communicators of Godís word in their own communities. The national teams consist of 5-7 competent and committed individuals who, together with their bilingual counterparts, and with support from the international educational teams of FORWORD, will engage in the process of creating their own native programs.

Participation in the program requires an initial two-year commitment, where the national teams in conjunction with their respective bilingual mentors will work through all the essential elements of FORWORDís program. During the two year period, each national team will begin to craft their own native-speaking program. Upon completion of the two-year preparation program, each national team, together with their bilingual supporters, and the ongoing support of FORWORD, will commence the communication project in their home country.

Educational Institutions

The program of FORWORD aims to reach the vast majority of men and women of God serving in local churches who lack formal theological or homiletic education. The program is accessible to bi-vocational leaders who cannot afford the time to engage in full-time Christian education. In this way, our work allows people in ministry to build a sound foundation for the handling of Godís word. Our program also provides a springboard for further education.

In view of our particular niche, we are interdependent on the cooperation of graduates of theological schools and seminaries who are able to become part of our national educational teams. We are also interdependent on the educational institutions who desire to engage our participants in an ongoing accredited Christian education.

We seek partnerships with accredited Christian colleges and seminaries for the purpose of helping their graduates leverage their impact while allowing the program participants to gain a foundation for their ongoing education.