The need for FORWORD stems from the realization that relationships are possible only through communication.  The only way for us to be in a relationship with God is to hear from God.  The only way for others to come into a personal relationship with God is for someone to dare to speak for God.  Life with God always depends on someone choosing to take God at his word.

Old Testament
We live in a word-saturated world.  At every turn, we are assaulted by words that clamour for our attention.  Words carry ideas.  Ideas frame ideologies.  Ideologies define destinies.  In the noisy world of ideologies, we are constantly brought to the crossroads of decision having to choose the words that ultimately define our lives.  On this side of eternity, there is only one word that claims to outweigh the whole universe - God’s word.

The challenge for God’s church in the world today is to be able to hear from God and speak for God in our communities.  The ability to hear from God hinges on our ability to understand God’s word, the Bible.  The ability to speak for God turns on our capacity to craft God’s unchanging truth for the ears and hearts of our culture.

In every generation, Christ’s church has to wrestle with traditionalism on one side and noveltism on the other.  Traditionalism destroys the church by holding on to the dead words of those who once lived.  

Churches building on traditionalism drown in nostalgia of days gone by.  Noveltism commits the opposite error by trying to build the church on the slogans of its generation.  The churches inspired by the dominant voices of culture swell with crowds mistaking the clamour of their preferences for the voice of God.  It is our contention that both sides of the communication disorder are energized by the same malignant cause, namely, our failure to take God at his word.

Old Testament
We believe that the only way out of this crisis is to take God at his word, to rebuild the church on the sole foundation of God’s word.  Unless we open our ears to hear what God has spoken to us in his word and then open our lips to speak for God from his word, the world will die for lack of a life-giving word.  Unless flesh becomes word, the Word became flesh in vain.  It is our time to hear from God.  It is our time to speak for God.  It is time for Christ’s church to live by every word that comes from the mouth of God.  After all, the only way to be in a living relationship with God is to live by his word.  We take this to be the greatest need of the church today.