The Christian Communication Project

In view of God’s grace and his faithfulness to us, we would like to take the next step in the development of FORWORD’s mission by creating The Christian Communication Project for Central and Eastern Europe.

Poland has a natural affinity with its neighbours.  The Slavic roots of the language make expansion South and East a natural progression.  The shared culture and mindset frame a common foundation.  There is the additional factor that Poland is centrally located, and easily accessible from most parts of Europe.  Travel within Europe has become easier than ever, and Poland offers some of the best opportunities for facilitating an East European program in biblical communication.

Our plan is to utilize an existing educational/recreational centre in Poland to prepare men and women from participating countries to contextualize the program of FORWORD for their nations and language groups.

The idea is simple.  We would like to invite teams of five to seven competent leaders from participating nations to join an international educational team to work together through the program of FORWORD.  As we work through the necessary elements of the educational program, the national teams would begin the process of establishing foundations for their national programs.

The process would require us to meet together three times a year for a period of two years to work through the elements of the program. 

All the teaching would be conducted in English. 

We are convinced that working together as men and women of God, from diverse nations, unified by the single-minded vision of helping the people of God in our own countries become God’s living word in their communities, would be transformative for all of us.