Our Program

FORWORD develops its mission through a two-year, three-day, life-transforming program, offered three times a year with home assignments in-between the sessions.

The program consists of a set of six modular courses which serve the purpose of broadening and deepening a person's character, commitments and competencies for living and communicating God’s truth.  

Theology of Telosformation
Examines the necessary conditions for becoming a biblical communicator.

Minding the Text for the Message
Defines the essentials of biblical communication.

Shaping the Message for the Listener
Investigates the listener in the equation of biblical communication.

Communicating the Old Anew
Identifies and characterizes the variety of literary forms of the Old Testament.

Speaking Truth in Love
Explores and defines the literary genres of the New Testament.

Andragogy of Homiletics
Reflects on Jesus’ educational process of making teachers of teachers.