Our Mission

FORWORD inspires transformation through communication of God’s word.
Since the best way for God to communicate with us was for the Word to become flesh, the desired outcome of FORWORD’s vision is for people to become God’s living words in their worlds.
The mission of FORWORD focuses on creating national teams of people who will multiply communicators competent to help others become the embodiment of God’s truth in their communities.

1.   We believe God transforms the world through individuals who are transformed by his word.
It is our conviction that change begins with us.  Transformation in the world, and in the church, depends on our willingness for God to change us.  We are transformed to the extent to which his truth defines every part of our being.  

2.   We believe making disciples is meant to create teachers of teachers, not just perpetual students.
A teacher is only as good as the teachers he or she multiplies.  In a world of rampant individualism and personality cults, where celebrities and communication kings promote themselves, biblical communicators are called to create a movement instead of erecting a monument.   

3.   We believe the best communication comes through people speaking their native language.
We do not teach in translation.  Instead, we teach in English and equip bi-lingual participants to create programs that best communicate biblical truth in their language and culture.  We equip national teams to create their own programs based on our unified biblical foundation.

4.   We believe biblical programs ought to be supported by the sacrificial giving of the participants.

Participation in the program must be funded by the national communities.  This way we hope to help God’s people around the world take responsibility for sustaining the work through the sacrificial giving of those whose have been transformed by God’s Word.